For the third time since they have been rivals on the F1 grid, Lewis Hamilton and Pastor Maldonado clashed on track during the European Grand Prix in Valencia - with the end result that neither took points away from the latest rounds of the year.

The pair were fighting for third place in the closing two laps when the incident occurred, with Maldonado making his move for position as Hamilton struggled with worn tyres.

Having run off track trying to go round the outside, Maldonado hit Hamilton's McLaren as the pair headed into the next turn, putting the Briton out of the spot and damaging his Williams to such an extent that he dropped down to tenth at the finish.

A 20 second penalty after the race saw Maldonado drop outside the points, although the Venezuelan was sure the incident was down to Hamilton running him off the road in the previous corner.

While Hamilton himself kept more a silence when it came to apportioning blame - despite clearly being far from happy when the incident occurred - McLaren has made no secret of who it felt was to blame, with team boss Martin Whitmarsh stating that the collision was the fault of the Spanish Grand Prix winner.

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