Schumacher ready for air time?

Michael Schumacher reveals he is considering taking a pilot's licence that would allow him to fulfill his latest adrenaline rush.
29.07.2012- Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1 W03
29.07.2012- Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1 W03

Michael Schumacher's competitive streak, and need for an occasional adrenaline rush, could lead him to take to the skies once his second F1 career comes to an end.

While much was taken from the recent interview the German conducted with Bild am Sonntag to mark his 300th grand prix start, which comes up in Belgium this weekend, little appears to have been made of the claim that the 43-year old is preparing to indulge in a little daredevil action in the great blue yonder.

"I'm starting to look at aerobatic flying to have fun," Schumacher confirmed, "That interests me and I will do take my licence sometime in the near future, at least for smaller sport aircraft."

Despite being no stranger to high speeds and extreme G-forces courtesy of his long, and successful, F1 career, the seven-time world champion admits that a being given a flight in an Air Force Starfighter blew him away.

"The vertical climb impressed me," he admitted, "The blood escapes from your head and there is a danger that you will black out. You have to wear a compression suit that keeps the blood up - without it, you're not far away from passing out. It's real impressive.

"Driving an F1 car, there is a whole other load when you're thrown forward during braking or to the side when cornering. However, on the track, you have your limits, right and left of the tarmac - up there, you have unlimited space."

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