Race stewards in Abu Dhabi opted not to take any action following Sebastian Vettel's latest post-race donut celebrations.

The German, who took a dominant win at the Yas Marina Circuit on Sunday, was handed an official reprimand and his team fined 25,000 Euros after his donuts in India the week before, when he clinched his fourth F1 Drivers' title. However, crucially this time, he ensured he met the sporting regulations and could still return his car to parc ferm?. As such there was no post-race investigation.

Speaking prior to confirmation that the FIA was going to take no action, and asked if he was worried if he might get into trouble, Vettel replied: "Not really because technically I didn't do anything wrong. I brought the car back so it's fine. I think I've stuck to the rules. I hope that we can provide a fuel sample because obviously it burns some extra fuel."

"But obviously I spoke to the Stewards after India," he added. "I'm not sure I remember everything they said but I was just happy [after winning and taking the title there]. It's a sort of stadium there. It's really nice, people all around you. I think they loved it [the donuts]."

So will he keep on doing it now every time he wins?

"Well, it depends on what kind of penalty I get [or if I get one]," he continued. "If I get excluded from the next race then probably I won't be able to do them. [But] again, it was spontaneous [like in India].

"Obviously I had the experience last week but entering the sort of stadium, I thought it was a very, very good spot, I made sure there was nobody around and I was far away from the lines.

"I think if we are in a position to think about that then obviously it's very special because it means we had a very, very good result in the race.

"So I think there's a lot of work before we get to decide whether we can do it again or not," concluded the Red Bull Racing number one.