Toto Wolff has described Lewis Hamilton as "a driving genius" compared to his "precise" and "very diligent" team-mate Nico Rosberg.

Mercedes has been dealing with a tense relationship between the two drivers in recent weeks, although Hamilton and Rosberg cleared the air ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix after a falling out in Monaco. Admitting that the two drivers have very different approaches to racing due to their characters, Wolff said Hamilton needs to feel comfortable in his personal life to perform at his best.

"Lewis and Nico have very different personalities," Wolff told James Allen on F1. "They have a past together, they've raced in karting in the same team and spent holidays together as kids, but they were very competitive since the beginning and in terms of personality they are very different. They need different life set-ups in order to function well.

"Nico needs a structured life, he's very precise with his planning and very diligent with how he acts. His whole life is very structured.

"Lewis is a driving genius who has increased his level of performance because he's raised his professionalism and approach. Nevertheless, what he needs in order to function properly is to feel comfortable in his life, and he feels comfortable by travelling, perusing his hobbies and many aspects of life which are different to F1.

"This is not detrimental to his job as a race driver; Lewis doesn't go partying, or drinking; he's very precise and knows what he wants. The Lewis you see on track today is completely different to what he was before. During the weekend there's no noise or people around him anymore."



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