Police have found a number of F1 trophies stole from Red Bull a week ago, with around 20 recovered from a lake in Berkshire.

Thieves stole over 60 trophies from Red Bull's F1 headquarters in Milton Keynes nine days ago, using a silver 4x4 to drive through the front entrance to gain access to the premises. It has now been confirmed that around a third of the trophies have been recovered from Horseshoe Lake more than 50 miles away.

"Some of the trophies were recovered from Horseshoe Lake near Sandhurst," a spokesman for Thames Valley Police said.

"We estimate about 20 trophies have been recovered, but we are liaising with Red Bull to establish the exact number as some of the trophies are damaged."

Police are still keen to trace the cars involved, with a dark coloured, black or dark blue Mercedes estate car also used in the incident as well as the silver 4x4. Both cars are believed to have foreign number plates.

Anyone with any information about the burglary, or who finds a trophy or trophy parts in the Horseshoe Lake area, is asked to contact Thames Valley Police on 101.