Toto Wolff has dismissed Christian Horner's call to equalise engines, saying he should get his 'head down, work hard and try to sort out' his much publicised issues with power unit supplier Renault rather than find excuses.

In the wake of Mercedes' dominant performance in the Australian Grand Prix, which yielded a front row lock-out and a comfortable 1-2 race finish, Horner has called upon the FIA to consider introducing equalisation measures to prevent the manufacturer from dominating the sport for a second consecutive year.

However, Wolff hit back at the suggestion, saying Horner - who blamed engine supplier Renault for Red Bull's struggles in Australia - should concentrate more on bringing its car up to speed, rather than attempting to penalise those around him.

"If you come into F1 and try to beat each other," he said. "Yperform at the highest level, and equalisation is what you need after the first race, if you cry out at the end of the first race... It's not how we have done things in the past, not how we've moaned. I've not heard that yet, but get your head down, work hard and try to sort it out."

Red Bull's increasing struggles have resulted in Helmut Marko to hint the brand may consider withdrawing from F1 altogether if there aren't tweaks to the current regulations.