Gene Haas says 'anything is possible' with regards to including Danica Patrick into his burgeoning F1 plans as his efforts to get on the grid in 2016 continues to gather pace.

Haas Formula One is intending to become the first American team to compete in F1 next season since 1986 having already purchased a base at Marussia's former factory and sourced an engine supply deal with Ferrari.

With this in mind, Haas has signalled his desire to have an American driver in at least one of the seats, though he has previously emphasised that this isn't a prerequisite for the team in the early stages at least.

Even so, with the news that former IndyCar race winner and NASCAR driver Patrick could potentially become available following the withdrawal of her sponsor GoDaddy, he admits there could be a glimmer of possibility in the idea of bringing her to F1 instead.

"If the right sponsor came along, then anything is possible," he told Reuters. "We've been down that path last year. We don't want to sit there and say no to anything but the probabilities... obviously when she's in NASCAR, it's very difficult to participate in F1."

His words come as the discussion of women in F1 continues with the promoting of Susie Wolff to test driver at Williams, while Carmen Jorda has landed a development role with Lotus.

However, Patrick is arguably the most successful female racer of the modern era having won seven podiums at IndyCar level, including a famous race win at Motegi in 2008, while she has also started the Daytona 500 NASCAR race from pole position.

Though Patrick has made no recent comment over whether she would consider competing in F1, Haas admits she has plenty of marketing potential wherever she goes.

"Danica Patrick is highly marketable and if anything we're very lucky that GoDaddy is giving us enough time to find a sponsor that she'll fit with, because she can sell anything. She has as much attention at the race track as any of the drivers so she's a very valuable person."