Niki Lauda has shrugged off suggestions that Mercedes' dominance in Formula 1 is harming the sport, saying it is not up to the manufacturer to worry about the 'politics'.

Mercedes swept to a dominant 1-2 finish in the Canadian Grand Prix to further exercise its control over the F1 standings, a result that sees it move more than 100 points clear of rivals Ferrari in the Constructors' reckoning.

Indeed, though Ferrari has stepped up its competition to Mercedes this year, Mercedes has still won all but four of the last 26 races since the change to the current generation of V6 hybrid powertrains.

However, Lauda has shrugged off the assertion that such clinical performances will turn off viewers, particularly given the way Mercedes managed the attack of Nico Rosberg on Lewis Hamilton after being concerned about brake issues.

"I'm always nervous when they are fighting each other right until the end because you never know what can happen but thank God nothing did happen.

"I'm not here to run your politics I'm only here to run a team along with Toto in the best and most professional way and look to win every bloody race possible. That is what I'm here for.

"We take a lead in the sport, we win the races for you. Look at the Canadians there are 12 per cent more people here for this so-called boring sport with no noise. All the Canadians are here going crazy."

Following on from the Monaco Grand Prix in which Mercedes bungled Lewis Hamilton's strategy, costing him an almost-certain win, the three-time world champion was delighted with the comprehensive response in Montreal.

"It was the perfect result, nothing wrong, and we couldn't have done a better job. No difference whatever. The only thing that is different is the whole strategy we had to produce was back to normal for a perfect race for perfect drivers."