Toto Wolff says there is too much negativity in Formula 1 and demands those involved in the sport 'have a duty of talking it up'.

The Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport has fought back against the damning verdicts from the F1 media and feels there is a need to paint the sport in a positive light, despite admitting it is not good if one team constantly dominates.

"Formula 1 is also about controversy, on-track and off-track. Of I take my Mercedes hat off, and I look at what the spectacle has to offer, I think it is a good spectacle," Wolff said. "Is it good that one team wins pretty regularly or pretty predictably, maybe not, but we have seen that in the past as well. I think we have a duty to Formula 1 to not talk it down.

"We are - and all of you are - Formula 1's ambassadors and by constantly picking the negatives we get ourselves into a spiral of negative controversy and I don't think this is what is good for Formula 1."

The Mercedes chief was speaking after his team recorded a controlled one-two finish at the Austrian Grand Prix, its fifth top two result in eight races this season.

Such has been the dominance of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, the pair have grabbed every pole position between them this year and have both finished on the rostrum at every Grand Prix in 2015.

Despite the criticisms, Wolff has called on everyone in F1 to do more in order to achieve collective progression.

"We should have the duty of talking it up, not talking it down," he explained. "I have read a couple of articles in the last couple of days, which are really rubbish comparisons with Formula E and stuff. I don't want to even go there but I think we have a duty for Formula 1. That is just my personal opinion."