Lewis Hamilton says Formula 1 shouldn't be ready to 'throw its toys out of the pram' so readily after prevailing in an enjoyable and at times unpredictable British Grand Prix.

The defending champion notched up his sixth win of the season - and his third success on home soil - after a well-judged drive in the Mercedes, during which he overcame the fast-starting Williams' and the onset of rain late on to increase his overall advantage in the standings.

The event comes as scrutiny on F1 focuses more on its value as entertainment, but in front of a massive 140,000 strong crowd on race day alone, though Hamillton admits there is still weight to those sceptical claims, he says these exciting races show the current format isn't a lost cause.

"I think the English weather helped with that. Their views are probably still valid in many ways but also sometimes I guess it's a bit of an indication for us not to throw our toys out of the pram and say everything's wrong, that we're not too far off the mark, hopefully and hope that we have more races like this."

Another successful homecoming for Hamilton at time when he looks to put more air between himself and Nico Rosberg, he says the sight of the crowds through some of the turns was spurring him on.

"I kept seeing as I was going around, Turn Seven, the last corner I could see in the crowd just cheering me on every time I came by and just spurring me along. I just didn't want to drop it for them. And really I'm also very honoured just to be here representing the Brits, to have the British flag up there."

Hamilton now leads Rosberg again by 17 points, heading to the mid-way point in the season in