Honda's F1 programme is set for a managerial shake-up with boss Yasuhisa Arai to step down from the position next week.

After a board meeting by the Japanese manufacturer it was confirmed Arai would be replaced by Yusuke Hasegawa in the role of executive chief engineer on 1st March 2016.

In addition, Yoshiyuki Matsumoto will be installed as a supervisor to the F1 project as well as maintaining the role of president and CEO of Honda's R&D division, with the changes coming into effect on the 1st April.

Arai, who had been handed the task of overseeing Honda's return to F1 as an engine supplier to McLaren last year, will move on to become the senior managing officer of Honda's R&D on the 1st March.

The Japanese manufacturer has endured a tricky start to its return to F1 after failing to master the complicated V6 Hybrid power unit regulations, leaving the McLaren's of Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso struggling towards the back of the grid.

Despite noticeable improvements on the opening day of 2016 pre-season testing, with Button claiming they've found up to half a second over the winter, Arai will leave the F1 project at the end of the first four-day tests which concludes on Thursday 25th February.