Marcus Ericsson says he was surprised to have Romain Grosjean 'screaming and calling me different things' after the pair came together during the Chinese Grand Prix.

The pair came together at the first turn as one of several incidents to unfold at the start of the Shanghai race, with Grosjean - who lost the front wing on his Haas - proceeding to criticise the Swede for his suggestion that he didn't see him.

However, Sauber driver Ericsson says their remonstration was rather more aggressive than Grosjean had alluded to, saying he was 'called different things' before adding that it is not the way he would expect a racing driver to behave.

"I was very surprised to be honest," the Swede confirmed, "Like I said after the race, for me it was quite clear when you looked at the video that it was a racing incident. I had a car squeezing me from the outside and things like happen in every race, more or less. That is the way it is in racing at first corners. It was unfortunate that his wing went off but, sometimes, it goes like that.

"I was just surprised by his behaviour afterwards - the way he approached me screaming and calling me different things. Just because you are a good racing driver doesn't mean you can behave like that off the track. For me, it is not very nice.

The pair finished 16th and 19th respectively as Grosjean struggled to recover from the clash with a car that was not handling anywhere near as well as it had in the opening two rounds but, perhaps because of his Shanghai experience, Ericsson says he isn't keen to go back to the Frenchman to clear the air, preferring instead to focus on his Russian Grand Prix weekend.

"It is history now for me and I look forward to this weekend and I won't really focus on that anymore," he confirmed.



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