Computer game giant SEGA has helped launch a new motorsport game called Motorsport Manager which enables players to take the role of a masterful team principal.

Based around the workings of Formula 1 the motorsport simulation game allows players to step into the shoes of the likes of Toto Wolff, Maurizio Arrivabene and Christian Horner and take a team from standing still to championship glory.

The game, an unlicensed product which will not feature teams, drivers or circuits from the world of Formula 1, is backed by SEGA's European company who have worked with British game developers Playsport Games and will be launched on PC, Mac and Linux devices.

The game has been inspired from Playsport Games' original app and mobile game of the same name with the expansive new version to be launched in September 2016.

Players will take on the challenge of managing teams, drivers, engineers and mechanics as well as negotiating sponsorship deals to bolster the budgets. The game gives impressive detail and insight into the inner workings of a motorsport team, from designing cars with tailor-made parts to team infrastructure and garage alterations.

Racing is displayed in a 3D simulation engine which goes from free practice one all the way to the race chequered flag.

"As motorsport fans, we've been waiting to play a game like this for a long time. That was how the original Motorsport Manager for mobile devices came about," Christian West, Founder and CTO of Playsport Games, said. "We wanted to take that experience to the next level by building an all new version of Motorsport Manager for PC with massively enhanced gameplay and unparalleled depth."

"Playsport Games' growth as a studio has been rapid since the launch of Motorsport Manager for mobile devices in 2014, with Christian West growing the company from a one-man operation to a team that is now 14-strong, in just two years," John Clark, VP of Commercial Publishing for SEGA Europe, added. "The announcement of Motorsport Manager for PC underlines the ambition of Playsport Games to deliver a best-in-class experience and also SEGA's continuing commitment to work with new studios."



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