Daniel Ricciardo says he is "a little bit pissed off" to have been beaten by Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen in qualifying for the British Grand Prix, joking that he will now just "stab someone tomorrow..."

Ricciardo will start fourth at Silverstone on Sunday, his best lap in Q3 a 1 minute 30.168 seconds, 0.305s off Verstappen in the sister car. It is the first time the Dutchman has had the upper-hand in qualifying since he was promoted from Toro Rosso ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix back in May.

"Yes, absolutely, I wanted a perfect season with qualifying, so I am a little bit pissed off with that. But it happens. I will just stab someone tomorrow! No, seriously, I will!" Ricciardo joked, when asked if he was upset by the result.

Quizzed on where he lost out, Ricciardo said the main area was at the end of the lap.

"Most of it was in the last chicane," he confirmed. "I would say generally he was a little bit quicker there. The first run in Q3 I lost out a bit there, so I lost more than I should have through there, but it was mainly the low speed, and the last chicane was the biggest one.

"High speed we were looking pretty good. The high speed corners are fun here. The low speed ones are a bit of a pain in the arse."

As for the race, Ricciardo is hopeful he can get ahead.

"From the start Max was obviously quick. In general he has good speed. The last couple of races he has had a bit better race pace through various stints, so its roles reversed now. He is quicker today, so hopefully I am quicker tomorrow. I think I can be.

"I think the long runs yesterday looked pretty good. I was pretty happy with what we were doing there, and we are making progress with that.

"So tomorrow expect a fight."