Lawsuit reveals Michael Schumacher 'cannot walk'

Lawyers for Michael Schumacher's family reveal the former F1 champion 'cannot walk' as part of a lawsuit against a German publication.
A Ferrari pit board showing support for Michael Schumacher (GER).29.01.2014. Formula One Testing, D
A Ferrari pit board showing support for Michael Schumacher (GER).29.01…

More details have emerged regarding the condition of former Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher after a lawsuit being brought against a German publication revealed he is unable to walk.

Schumacher was seriously injured in a skiing accident in December 2013, the racing legend suffering serious head injuries that left him in an induced coma.

Since then, the full extent of Schumacher's condition have been kept out of the wider media as he is cared for in his home in Geneva, Switzerland.

However, following the publication of a cover story in the German Bunte publication in December 2015 that claimed the seven-time world champion can 'walk a little with the help of therapists', the Schumacher family have launched a lawsuit against the magazine for what his manager Sabine Kehm labelled at the time as 'irresponsible' reporting that gave 'false hope'.

As part of the lawsuit, the family's lawyer Felix Damm revealed Schumacher has not made the miraculous recovery as inferred by the Bunte article, going on to confirm he 'cannot walk' and is unable to stand without the assistance of therapists.

According to the Mirror, the outcome of the lawsuit will be decided in October.

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