New Formula 1 Chairman Chase Carey has indicated it is his intention to further expand the sport in crucial American and Asian markets as he looks to take it to 'another level'.

Speaking publicly for the first time since American firm Liberty Media assumed a controlling stake in Formula 1 ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix, Carey - who has been chosen as the man to take charge of F1 - says he wants to observe and learn initially before outlining a strategy for the sport's future.

"For the first few months - call it 100 days - it is largely listening and meeting - and digesting," he told the BBC. "And then come out of that phase with a degree of visions that continue to be shaped. Nothing is ever written in stone. Bernie is the CEO, so Bernie is going to lead it and I will work with Bernie to establish some kind of strategic plan to where you want to go."

The deal is seen by many as F1's opportunity to get a foothold in the huge US market having struggled to do so over the years relative to other intentional sporting brands.

Indeed, Carey suggests this will be one of his main focuses, hinting there could be more events in locations as 'Los Angeles, New York and Miami' to capitalise on F1's 'premium brand'.

"It is too early to have a clear plan, but we clearly will have a plan to develop America, to be in the right market. There is a big untapped audience in the US. I don't want to criticise the efforts in the past, because I don't know the efforts in the past.

"Formula 1 is a great premium brand and that means to me that you want to be at a location like Los Angeles, New York or Miami. Ideally in the great cities in the world."

Though F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone remains in charge 'day-to-day' for the time being there has been no formal indication of how long he will remain at the helm. Furthermore, with many expecting a definitive shift towards a broader digital marketing platform - which would likely loosen Ecclestone famously firm grip on television rights - it could signal a change at the top.

"I believe that a good digital product makes the television product more rewarding," Carey continued. "Marketing the sport, in telling the story of the stars and heroes and the incredible machines. Then strengthen it geographically. So there is not 'the cash cow', but there is growth possibility in every area."

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