Alonso turns cameraman for more Interlagos hijinks

History repeats for Fernando Alonso in Brazil as he hits technical issues... but where is his deckchair?
Alonso turns cameraman for more Interlagos hijinks

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A year after he sent social media into a meltdown with his deckchair antics, Fernando Alonso once again poked fun at himself and McLaren-Honda's technical issues at Interlagos by trying his hand at being a cameraman... with poor results.

The Spaniard gave F1 one of its funniest moments in 2015 when, after breaking down in free practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix, he took to a deckchair to watch the remainder of free practice, inadvertently causing the #PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe meme that trended worldwide.

With history proceeding to repeat itself during FP2 for this year's race after suffering an ERS issue, Alonso - stuck on the outside of the circuit - went to find something to do, eventually coming across a cameraman, who gamely offered him the chance to have a go.

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With TV directors telling him they would cut to his camera and that he had to try and follow the approaching Sergio Perez, Alonso attempted... but failed.

Admitting the amusement of last year's hijinks was in his mind as he was told to bring his MP4-31 to a halt, Alonso joked that he now wants to practice more.

"I need to improve my skills," he said. "The joystick now seems very, very sensitive, so they told me on the headset that they will broadcast when Perez was coming. So I tried to find Perez and I found this guy on the asphalt, but not Perez!

"I feel very bad, I think I will go back after the drivers' briefing with the Porsche Cup, in case tomorrow I have any problems."

"Sense of humour in difficult moments. Last year it was a big thing when I stopped here and was sitting on the chair. So when I stopped I was trying to find a chair. But there was no chair and for 40mins I watched the cars, then in the last minute I had the opportunity."

Though frustrated to have his day hampered by technical issues, Alonso was otherwise encouraged by the car's pace and has set his sights on Q3 in qualifying.

"We saw today it seems to be a little more competitive than recent races so we were 10th and 11th and there is a real chance of Q3 tomorrow and we have to take it."

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