Lewis Hamilton says there is "no racing achievement" that will make him consider doing a shoey this season.

Daniel Ricciardo was the shoey king last season in Formula One, introducing the craze into the sport and doing his first shoey - drinking champagne from one of his race boots - after he finished runner-up in the German Grand Prix at the end of July, mirroring what Jack Miller had done in MotoGP after winning at Assen the month before.

Ricciardo then managed to get ex-F1 driver and podium interviewer Mark Webber in on the act in Belgium, before roping in Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen and Nico Rosberg after he won in Malaysia. Rosberg also subsequently did a shoey after winning the World title in Abu Dhabi as well.

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Hamilton, however, has ruled out doing one himself in F1 2017, describing it as "disgusting" during a Facebook Q&A with sponsor UBS.

"There is no racing achievement [that will get me to do a shoey]. That is disgusting. It is kinda of cool that he [Ricciardo] has got his own little thing and I admire him for having his own little thing. It is totally cool if he wants to drink the sweat off his own foot, but I definitely don't [want to]," Hamilton said.

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"I wouldn't even drink the sweat from my own shoe. You don't understand... We have got these shoes and it is so hot down by our feet - all the hydraulic fluids are going down there and they are running at 300 degrees or something crazy. It is bleeding hot. Your feet are drenched afterwards.

"My dad would always call it 'toe jam'. He is just drinking 'toe jam'. There is no way, no way [I will do it]. Zero chance."

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