Toro Rosso's Daniil Kvyat has lashed out towards the FIA Stewards after he was penalised twice for the same incident during the Canadian Grand Prix, branding the sport a 'stupid 'f***ing circus'.

Kvyat was handed a drive-through penalty for "failing to regain position before safety car line 1 on the formation lap" only to then get an additional 10-second time penalty later on in the race when it was discovered the first penalty was incorrect.

When the news broke to Kvyat over team radio, Kvyat more than vented his frustrations at the ruling, swearing in the direction of the Stewards.

On a frustrating day for Toro Rosso after Carlos Sainz crashed on lap one, Kvyat served his second penalty on lap 54, but an issue getting the tyres onto the car led to a prolonged delay that would overheat the engine and force him into eventual retirement.

"I was angry with what's going on," said Kvyat. "Another penalty, like it's a joke, right? I mean, what are we doing? And I get two points on my license which again is a stupid rule. Are we taxi drivers here? Or F1 drivers? I don't understand this. It's a circus, a stupid f**ing circus!

"I will go and talk to Charlie. It's f***ing... It's annoying, it's really annoying me. A simple job, they can't do it properly.

"What I know is that our team manager was arguing for 10 laps with the FIA we shouldn't get another penalty. They said, 'no sorry, we have this'. It's like football. He says there is a penalty, then he runs back, watches the video, and says 'Ah, it's not a penalty, cancel it'. That's what, more or less, happened today."

Being handed two penalty points on his superlicense too, an incensed Kvyat says he will wait until the next race in Baku to speak with race director Charlie Whiting, as he feels the current mood he's in would only make things worse.

"Now, I will go with our team manager maybe it's better to go in Baku because now the heat is up for me, I don't want to say anything wrong to anyone. I'm not sure if it's really Charlie, I'm not sure it's Charlie. I don't know. I want to understand first of all who does this job."