Reigning F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve piled scorn on Tyrrell's Ricardo Rosset after the pair tangled in practice for the Monaco GP.

Villeneuve claimed that the Brazilian had no place in F1, having tripped over him in free practice and had his last chance lap spoiled by Rosset's accident in qualifying. (There are drivers who just should not be part of F1, and he is one of them,) said the Canadian, (He is a danger and a liability.)

Rosset responded that Villeneuve should have known better than to have tried overtaking on a narrow part of the principality's circuit, and that they were both on hot laps. Nevertheless, the incident - and Rosset's second consecutive non-qualification - is not likely to help the Brazilian's case for retaining his Tyrrell seat, despite the continued backing of team principal Craig Pollock.