Esteban Tuero has been forced out of his Minardi for several weeks as a result of injuries sustained in his Suzuka GP accident.

The young Argentinian had been expected to test for the Italian team next week, as both gear up for the 1999 season, but has been advised to rest by doctors in his homeland. Tuero had complained of back pain after his Japanese shunt, and missed the Bridgestone tyre test which followed the grand prix at Suzuka.

A check-up in Buenos Aires has subsequently shown lesions to Tuero's third, fourth and fifth vertebrae, and he has been advised to rest for the next two months. Testing duties at Barcelona next week will now be shared between Minardi's regular tester Laurent Redon and two trialists, Donny Crevels and Marc Gene.

Tuero is expected to re-sign with Minardi for the 1999 season.



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