Honda is planning to test its F1 car in the next couple of weeks, but remains unsure as to enter the sport's top category.

Stewart refugee Jos Verstappen is pencilled in to test the prototype chassis - built to a Harvey Postlethwaite design by Italian manufacturer Dallara - although the company insists that the run will be purely to see that the car works, and even refuses to call the car a Honda.

(We're just going to put an engine in it, and see if it rolls out,) said a spokesman, (It's not a Honda - let's call it a Honda prototype.) The car will be powered by a Mugen V10 as run in 1998 by the Jordan team.

Jordan has been mooted by insiders as a target for Honda should it decide not to enter F1 with its own works outfit. Factions have apparently appeared within the company, calling for Honda to scrap its plans to enter in this way, and buy into an existing outfit to reduce the cost of failure.

Sources maintain that a full announcement will be made in the next few weeks, with much of the company's management still pushing for Postlethwaite's project - which includes recruiting personnel and hunting for a British base - to be given the green light.



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