Heinz-Harald Frentzen was back in harness for the first time since his Canadian GP crash at the French Grand Prix today [Friday] - and appeared as if nothing had happened.

The German, however, admitted that he still hurt on his out lap, although the adrenaline rush of driving an F1 car soon deadened the pain.

"I have some bruises and you notice them on the first lap," he said, "but then you are focused after that and you forget the pain."

The accident, three laps from the end of the Canadian race, happened as Frentzen braked for a corner and suffered a shattered brake disc. The impact, he said, was the biggest of his life, and left him with more than a simple headache.

"There is a very short run-off area where I lost it, and I went from 130mph to zero with only half a metre to do it. The headrest broke and I felt a little bit dizzy afterwards. The engineers said that I had a seven-G lateral impact in the accident, but I think it was a lot more than that - we have seven-G when we brake for a corner!"

Frentzen's biggest concern during his recovery, however, was that the loss of second place in Montreal could affect his team's chances in the constructors' championship!



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