Benetton looks likely to seek compensation after one of its cars was destroyed by fans at the Italian Grand Prix.

Giancarlo Fisichella crashed out of the race on only the second lap, but marshals failed to move his car to a place of safety and, at the end of the event, it was stripped by souvenir-hunting spectators. Although only certain parts of the car went missing, the chassis may be too badly damaged to repair, leaving Benetton with a dilemma in the run-up to next weekend's Luxembourg race. If the car is deemed a write-off, the team may opt to sue the Monza authorities.

"We got the car back yesterday, and are assessing the damage and deciding what to do," confirmed press officer Julia Horden.

According to the team, the engine cover, wing mirrors, seat, rear wing, fuel filler cover and crash structures were taken from the car, although the steering wheel - which would have cost thousands of pounds to replace - was saved by the marshals.



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