Enrqiue Bernodli has revealed that Ron Dennis and Norbert Haug had stern words for the Brazilian after the Monaco Grand Prix.

He said: "They were both very aggressive. They told me if you continue to drive again in that sort of way you are not going to be in F1 very long. I was very scared because they were very aggressive."

Bernoldi held up McLaren's David Coulthard for nearly half the race he was though perfectly within his rights as they were fighting for position - DC having started from the back after his car stalled on the grid.

The Arrows driver added: "There wasn't a blue flag. If there was and I had ignored it I would have been disqualified wouldn't I? The team just kept telling me to concentrate on my position and push."

"There was a lot of pressure from (David) Coulthard because he was of course, faster than me. He set pole position after all. I don't think I was unfair to him. I am on the track to race and to improve myself so one day I will be in his position. It was not easy to drive with him behind. There was so much pressure so I was worried about making mistakes. I was thinking, because he was so close to me, if I hit the wall he would hit me too."

"I was not holding him back deliberately. I was not braking on the inside. Monaco is a difficult race to past, but I just drove my normal race. I thought that he would get past me earlier but I was going flat out every lap. He couldn't go flat because he was behind me and there was a lot of down-force."



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