Justin Wilson's father, Keith, is prepared to sell his petrol station business to help meet the required ?2 million for his son's place in the Minardi squard.

Wilson Jr got the place at Minardi by promising to bring in some ?2 million to the team and is setting up an investment scheme where interested parties can invest in him in the hope that he has a successful debut year in F1 and his 'stock' rises.

Justin's commitment has been underwritten by his manager, Jonathan Palmer, and his father, Keith. Palmer has a number of interests most notably his Palmersport concern which, amongst other things, hold corporate trackdays at his Bedford Autodrome facility.

Keith Wilson runs a solvents company, Solvents for Safety, which, according to Britain's News of the World has a turnover of ?7 million, but he also has a petrol station which is valued at approximately ?1 million and it's this that he is prepared to sell if the investment scheme doesn't come to fruition.

The drastic measures are being comtemplated due to difficulties in getting sponsorship from British companies.

"We have had a couple of sponsors during my career but nothing significant, and it is impossible to raise the funds you need," Wilson Jr explained to the News of the World.

Wilson's father had even contemplated selling the petrol station, which he has owned since before Justin was born, before his son made it to F1 to fund his racing career.

"There was a time about three years ago when we thought we just could not carry on because we needed ?300,000 to go racing. Dad considered selling the petrol station then. Now, if the worst comes to the worst, he would do it," Wilson explains.

A sale of the garage would only come about if Wilson cannot raise the funds by other means.

"My dad is prepared to go a long way and he has always said he will do whatever it takes. I do not have any problems paying Paul."



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