The FIA has announced that Giancarlo Fisichella has been reinstated as winner of last Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix, five days after the race ended with McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen on the top step of the podium.

Fisichella was leading the race when it was stopped, but the rules state that a two lap countback must take place from the lap at which the race was red flagged, hence Raikkonen was declared the winner.

In rather a strange scenario, Fernando Alonso, whose accident contributed to the race being stopped, was still able to claim a podium finish, while Jaguar's Mark Webber - whose crash later triggered Alonso's accident - was able to take seventh, because he was still running two laps previously.

But after the race ended, evidence emerged that the timekeepers were apparently unable to correctly identify the lap at which the red flag was thrown. Jordan proved Fisichella had started lap 56, which would mean the race results stood from lap 54 (on the countback) when he was in front - rather than lap 53, when Raikkonen was leading.

The FIA agreed with their evidence and the results have now been amended.

Most at the GP - including the Jordan team and Fisichella himself - initially thought they'd won, in what would have been a fairytale finish to a drama filled afternoon, before a crestfallen Eddie Jordan explained the situation.

Few, even McLaren themselves, were particularly pleased to find themselves 'inheriting' a win via the countback rule.

Now it seems the officials were wrong anyway, and Fisi should have been celebrating wildly on the top step - with Kimi second and Alonso (being checked over in Hospital) third. Instead, the podium presentation was something of an anticlimax.

What a cock-up. How can a car be timed to a thousandth of a second, yet cross the finish line unnoticed...?

Perhaps the confusion was caused by the difference between the decision to throw the red flag being made, and the race actually being stopped... Who knows. Either way, F1 missed a great chance for some positive PR in the Monday papers.

Nevertheless, today's news mean that the Italian has finally taken his first Grand Prix victory, while Eddies Jordan's team has claimed its fourth career win on what was its 200th World Championship event.

"I am very happy that the FIA and everybody recognises that I won the Brazilian Grand Prix," said the Italian. "I already thought this was the case, and the team believed it straight away and then in recent days when the evidence was examined, we knew it was true and hoped it would become official.

"It was very difficult for me with the confusion after the race, and I'm still disappointed that I didn't have my moment at the top of the podium, but I am pleased that it is clear now that I have won my first Grand Prix!" added Fisi. "I would like to thank the team and my loyal fans for all their support, and I'm looking forward to more podiums and wins in the future."

Fisichella's victory is also an important milestone for Ford this being the 176th Grand Prix success for Cosworth engines, and the first win for the Blue Oval since its return to Formula One with Jordan this season.

"I am delighted for Giancarlo, the team, Ford and all our sponsors," said Eddie Jordan. "Sunday's race was absolutely thrilling and I am very grateful to the FIA for examining the results in such detail and acknowledging that the victory is Giancarlo's.

"It was a hazardous race and he demonstrated great talent and maturity, as did all the drivers. It was appropriate at the time, that concern and attention at the end of the race were focused on the serious accidents involving Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso, and I am relieved that both escaped injury," continued the Irishman.

"Obviously it's a shame that the results weren't accurately reported immediately as it would have been better if Giancarlo had been able to celebrate his first win in the normal fashion on the top step of the podium, but I hope that opportunity will come again soon," admitted Eddie. "I would like to thank Giancarlo and every single person at Jordan and Ford for their efforts and congratulate them on our success. It is terrific news for us to record our fourth Grand Prix victory and it proves that we are still able to challenge the top teams. That's very satisfying for an independent team in today's environment."

"Now I can't wait for the next Grand Prix because it will be fantastic to be in Italy, racing in front of fans at home," said Fisichella. "The atmosphere at Imola is always great, and it's a few years since an Italian driver won a Grand Prix so it's going to be even better this time. I'm proud to be starting my home Grand Prix as a race winner!"