Former Arrows Formula One driver Enrique Bernoldi has found himself at the centre of an escalating family row between tennis star Jelena Dokic and her volatile father.

The Brazilian has been dating the frequently multi-national Dokic for over a year, but has attracted unwanted attention from father Damir as the former coach finds himself increasingly sidelined from his daughter's career. Already renowned for his infamous temper - which has seen him thrown out of several high-profile tournaments - and unpredictable soundbites, Dokic has rebounded from his daughter's decision to move to another coach by lashing out at Bernoldi.

The feud has now reached the stage where father is refusing to have anything to do with daughter.

"I never want to see her again," he fumed in a telephone interview with the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

"She left us, but we don't need her. My wife speaks to her often, but I don't want to. I am angry at her. She did things that she was not supposed to. We brought her back here and did everything for her until she was 19. Then she chose that idiot!

"Everybody says he's a Formula One driver, but he is no-one - nothing. Jelena supports him. My family put all the money from their house into her tennis, but it wasn't enough."

Prior to Dokic opting to move under the tutelage of Swiss coach Heinz Gunthardt, she had already had to put up with her father accusing Australian Open organisers of rigging the draw against her, attacking journalists and claiming that almost half of the current players on the women's tour were lesbians. He has also moved his family from Serbia to Australia and back again after run-ins with various officials both inside tennis and out. Dokic Jr now lives with Bernoldi, who currently races in the Formula Nissan series after losing his F1 seat when the Arrows team went bust last season.