Holland's only Formula One driver, Jos Verstappen has expressed both his delight and pride that Dutch technology company Trust has decided to increase its support for the Minardi team.

The deal, announced yesterday ahead of a press conference and livery launch in Dordrecht, will see the IT brand take greater exposure on the PS03s raced by Verstappen and British team-mate Justin Wilson, and boosts the coffers of the back-of-the-grid team as it attempts to use Cosworth power to move forward.

The company had been attracted to Formula One - and Minardi - by Verstappen's relationship with the team, and the Dutchman is happy that what began as a business relationship has now grown into something more rewarding.

"I would like to thank [managing director] Michel Perridon for his continued 'trust' in me and the team," Verstappen wrote on his personal website, "Trust gave me the chance to return to F1 this season, and it is marvellous that this relationship has been extended.

"It is a unique situation in that we now have a Dutch company which is a main sponsor for a Formula One team - and I am proud of that. Of course, it started of as a business relationship but, over time, a friendship has formed. Don't get me wrong, it is not that Michel wants to be our sponsor because we are good friends. They have taken a critical look at expenses, but have [realised] that sponsoring [a team in] Formula One is an excellent way to promote themselves, and the result have been coming in ever since. I hope this will be an example for the rest of the Dutch businesses."

Verstappen brokered a drive with Arrows on the back of substantial Dutch sponsorship in 2001, taking a clutch of companies - including Trust - to the Leafield team. When it became apparent, however, the he was then being ditched too late to secure an alternative ride for 2002, Trust withdrew their support, indicating how much it valued the relationship with the driver.

"Michel Perridon has made an excellent decision, and it shows he believes in the team," Verstappen's manager Huub Rothengatter added, "Our original sponsor package was a success in a business sense, and that is why they took the decision to expand.

"They put action to their words and their return on investment is extremely good - for every Euro they have put into the team, they get it back threefold. From a business point of view, this is responsible sponsoring. It is a real life example that sponsoring Formula One is well worth is - we couldn't with for a better ambassador for the sport."

Verstappen, Wilson and Minardi will all showcase a new livery from the Monaco Grand Prix onwards, with Trust's increased backing being rewarded with logos on the now-white sidepods.