Jaguar is set to turn heads at this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix, not just for the celebrity-led diamond glamour programme it is undertaking, but for its unique one-off look.

Instead of the traditional green-and-white colours that have adorned each Jaguar since the team's entrance to Formula One four year's ago, a pink Leaping Cat will feature on the engine cover of the R4-Cosworths of Mark Webber and Antonio Pizzonia in the Principality from Thursday.

Jaguar took the one-off decision to colour its signature-leaping cat pink in celebration of the Steinmetz Flawless Diamond Collection and the world debut of the Steinmetz Pink - a 59.60-carat, internally flawless, fancy pink diamond - that will be unveiled in Casino Square on the opening day of the Monaco race weekend. And, for a final touch, the pink cat will be complimented with a diamond sparkle in its eye.

The tie-up and re-design come as a result of Jaguar's partnership with Steinmetz - creators of the world's finest diamonds - The Diamond Trading Company and Formula One Publishing in a unique occasion that will bring 'horse power and diamond glamour together in a seamless association'. Events will be spread over the four days of the grand prix meeting and will include some of the biggest names from fashion, music and Hollywood.

"Pink diamonds are very rare and very beautiful, making them a top-end luxury product, just like Jaguar's cars," said Bob Dover, chairman of Jaguar Cars and board member of Jaguar Racing, "The pink leaper on this year's Monaco F1 car reflects our relationship with them."

Jaguar's leaping cat has been adorning the front of its cars since 1938 and has become a symbol of luxury and performance engineering. It was re-designed and re-launched on 1 January 2003.