Famous British marque Jaguar and Italian Design House Pininfarina, yesterday celebrated their shared passion for design with the unveiling of the unique 'Jaguar Formula One Art of Speed'.

The creation, which is a visual representation of aerodynamic forces experienced by Formula One racing cars, was revealed at a private viewing at the Jaguar dealership in Bologna, Italy.

The viewing was attended by an eclectic audience, comprising Italian personalities from the world of art, fashion, motoring, motorsport and design as well as VIP guests.

Unveiling the unique project, Jaguar Italy managing director, Jon Lewis, said: "Jaguar Cars and Jaguar Racing are delighted to have worked with Pininfarina on this unique project - it's a celebration of both companies and their inherent passions for design."

Pininfarina has taken a Jaguar Formula One car and graphically painted it, taking direct inspiration from aerodynamic research - a field in which Pininfarina has been active since 1972 when it pioneered the first full size wind tunnel in Italy.

Andrea Pininfarina, CEO, Pininfarina S.p.A. said: "The Design Team at Pininfarina has chosen colours to illustrate the forces that act on a Jaguar Formula One car at racing speeds - the spectrum flows from red for maximum force to yellow, green and blue representing an analysis of the incredible stresses that the air flow forces on to the machine and driver."

The red also highlights the extreme heat generated by a Formula One car at speeds over 200 mph, which over the course of a race can lead to cockpit temperatures reaching on average 50 degrees Celsius. In these situations, the driver can lose approximately 1.5 litres of body fluid per race, as well as burning off 600 calories.

The brakes of a Formula One car can decelerate the car from 200 mph to 50 mph in three seconds, placing further physical strain on the driver and chassis. Made of carbon, the brakes operate at temperatures of 600 degrees Celsius, occasionally peaking up to 750.

Formula One development is a thorough test bed for the next generation of automotive engineering that will find its way to safe, technologically advanced, stylish and desirable cars in the future.

The 'Jaguar Formula One Art of Speed' explores the full decorative potential of these functionalities of the car itself rather than applying an additional decoration over it. The bodywork has been transformed into a painting that unites aesthetics and functionality with strong colours that underline its three-dimensionality and dynamism.

Ian Callum, Jaguar Design Director said: "The X-TYPE Estate has been designed to meet the needs of a new generation of estate car buyers. Style is now a key motivation when choosing an estate, with more than a third of European purchasers citing it as their number one consideration."

Under the direction of Callum, who is based at Jaguar's Design Studio in Whitley, Coventry, England, Pininfarina provided technical support during the development of the X-TYPE Estate, in the fields of body engineering, vehicle engineering and packaging.