Using the occasion of its new TF104 car launch as the perfect backdrop, Panasonic Toyota Racing presented its new line of F1-branded textiles and accessories to become the first team to officially unveil its 2004 merchandise collection.

Unlike most F1 teams, who suffered from a general decline in merchandise sales in 2003, Toyota managed to reach its target and sold more than 800,000 F1 items worldwide. In 2004, the team plans to expand the product line up by 40 per cent.

The product range now consists of more than 100 items, including increased numbers of accessories like sunglasses and watches, as well as an enhanced ladies and children's range. Products are divided into two distinct lines: 'Professional' and 'Basic'.

The 'Basic' line is aimed at Toyota dealers and road car owners. This line includes sophisticated and conservative products intended for daily use, branded just with the Toyota F1 'T' logo.

The 'Professional' line is targeted at Toyota F1 enthusiasts and dedicated fans. Branded with the Panasonic Toyota Racing team logo, the sponsor logos and the original brush stroke design, these items are identical to the team's on-track clothing and enables fans to identify with their favourite F1 team.

As in 2003, Toyota kept the development of its F1 merchandise collection in-house to ensure a consistently high quality and uniform design worldwide.

To achieve the broadest possible distribution, Toyota Motorsport has constantly extended its distribution channels. Starting with Toyota dealerships all over the world, the new collection will become available trackside at all grands prix, at retail outlets, via sponsors and through the official Toyota online shop at