Felipe Massa has dismissed rumours that he was knocked out during the accident that curtailed his test session in Barcelona this morning [Wednesday].

The Brazilian, who was able to extricate himself from his damaged Sauber-Petronas C23, denied internet reports that he was unconscious when the medical team arrived to help him.

"I know that some reports on the internet said that I was unconscious in the car, but that is not true," he said in a statement issued from the local hospital, "I was conscious throughout the accident, to the extent that I was able to notify the team of what had occurred over the radio, and got out of cockpit by myself."

Massa lost control of the new car at the end of the straight at the Circuit de Catalunya, while travelling at an estimated 300kph, but reports claim that the C23 was only mildly damaged despite the apparent force of the incident. Although it made heavy contact with the barriers, on the right front corner of the car was badly damaged.

"The doctor told me that it would be better if I stayed put while the rescue arrived, which I did," Massa continued.

The circuit medical team decided that it might be better transporting the Brazilian to the local Catalunya hospital for a check-up, and opted to do so by helicopter, increasing the drama of the situation.

"If it had been down to me, I would not have left the circuit," Massa claimed, "However, the doctors said that we should followed the usual procedures. Later, I was able to speak to my girlfriend in Brazil, and I asked that she reassure everybody, because everything was okay."

Once in hospital, Massa received a full examination, and provided blood samples for further tests. Although the doctors have not yet determined the results of the tests, the driver believes that he will not remain in hospital for more than a few hours.

"I already want to leave," he said, "I am feeling healthy and do not have a scratch on my body. However, it is for the doctors to decide when I can go, so perhaps I will remain in observation for a little longer."



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