Panasonic Toyota Racing driver Olivier Panis has hinted that he will stay at the Cologne based team in 2005.

Speaking in Thursday's FIA press conference at the French Grand Prix, when asked about his own future, he said that he is 'keen to profit' from the work already put in at Toyota, and he remains focused on his preparations for next season.

"I'm motivated and determined," commented the Frenchman.

"I'm working really hard with the team; both of us [myself and Cristiano da Matta] have been working really hard with the team for two years.

"Now I want to profit from the result, which is why I am continuing to push really hard and preparing for next year."

As for rumours linking Ralf Schumacher and David Coulthard to the team, Panis added, when asked how he deals with such rumours: "I just say welcome to them," his relaxed attitude indicting perhaps that a deal has already been done to keep his seat next season.

Cristiano da Matta meanwhile however seemed less confident about his own position.

Replying to the same question, he noted: "Well, it's the type of thing that you cannot do anything about. Because you're inside the team, sometimes we have a clue... many of the things we read in the press are all... sometimes they make no sense and some of the other ones we know make some sense.

"But obviously we cannot get too worried about it because at the end of the day it's not our decision, all we can do is do all we know, to do our best, to drive the car, to focus and to keep on trying to do the best job we can.

"If you want to stay with the team, this is how we are going to do it, not being worried about rumours and internet websites saying a couple of different things. We just have to focus on the work."