Drivers: Michael Schumacher (Ferrari), Fernando Alonso (Renault), Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari)

Questions from the floor

Q. (Stephane Barbe - L'Equipe)
Michael, when you decided to switch from three to four stops, is it a bit of discussion in the car with Ross?

It is a discussion honestly but it was not much of a discussion because I did not have too much to lose today to the rear and that is what I asked - what is the situation to the back, if we go for that what will we lose. He aid no we are safe for second position and I thought let's go.

Do you need to understand why Ross is asking you?

No. In this moment the team needs to understand my situation in the car, how the tyres are going and what I think we can go for as we pre-discuss certain A and B and C strategies and we finally come to a decision of what we think. It is normal and it is naturally a discussion between us, but the final decision would normally be done by Ross unless I have a big concern and maybe that would be taken care of. He sits on the pit-wall and he can overlook the whole scenario, he has a much better picture than I have and
therefore he is the man to decide.

Q. (Pedro Fermin Flores - ABC)
Fernando, you made no mistakes in the race, it was a perfect race, but you are second and Jarno is fourth. What happened with Renault?

Nothing we are okay. We are more competitive than we probably expected here because we are in between the two Ferraris and Jarno was fighting with Rubens until the last corner so I think it was a very good weekend for the team at home in France and if we can keep this level in the next races we can be on the podium quite often.

And a question for Michael. Your brother was winner here last year, this year you are on top. This race is for him?

My brother is not in such bad shape that I have to dedicate a race to him. I don't think we have to be so sad, he is in quite good mood and there is no need to dedicate anything today.

Q. (Alastair Moffitt - Press Association)
Michael and Rubens, Ferrari now have twice as many points as Renault in the constructors' championship. What does that say about how perfect Ferrari have worked as a team this season and what do you put that down to?

I think the points self explain your question and the reason is down to extreme good teamwork.

I sign on the bottom.

Q. (Anna Vassilieva - Auto Business Weekly)
Michael you showed us brilliant Ferrari tactics and car, but when will we see just Michael's brilliant starts and overtaking?

I think in between the two things, the car and the tactics, my little portion is between that - to drive the thing.

Q. (Andi Yanianto - Bola)
Michael, nine wins out of 10 and another great win for you. How do you rate yourself?

I don't rate myself honestly. I just rate the season. The season is outstanding, by far more than we expected it to be and I thought this weekend would be much more of a struggle. If you look at the history we have not been so strong in the race, last year in particular, but we have worked our way, have understood what to do and now we are back on track.

It was a tough fight, a close fight and it needed some special strategy in a way to jump towards first position even though we had a quicker car. Just being on the same strategy would have been difficult. But if you take the whole package and if you think what we, including all the journalists, thought, this would be the easiest year to beat us. Now it is the other way around and we are quite happy about this.