Toyota's terrier-like technical director Mike Gascoyne had some pretty strong views over the first qualifying performance from the majority of the F1 field yesterday at Silverstone, branding the 'go-slow' a 'disgrace'.

Gascoyne, not in the best of moods following the penalty served to Panis went on the offensive regarding the first qualifying session.

"I hope the crowd was entertained by the second qualifying session because the first one was a disgrace in front the huge numbers of people who have turned up at Silverstone today," he said, referring to the 50,000 people who turned up at the Northamptonshire circuit.

Gascoyne was more forceful on his point when speaking to Radio Silverstone's Alan Hyde. "I think what we saw in the first session was a total disgrace to Formula One and a lot of team principles and team owners need to really think whether they've got the interest of Formula One at heart when we've got a fantastic crowd in here today, one of the biggest Silverstone Saturday crowds for many years and we drive around and perform like that, really Formula One doesn't need that in my opinion," he told Hyde.

"So one of the drivers who actually bothered to go out and try and entertain the crowds got a harsh penalty and the stewards don't feel the need to address what to me is blatant team orders, blatant unsporting conduct, trying to hoodwink the public, falling off deliberately - it's pathetic in my opinion and it's not part of any Formula One that I want to be a part of quite honestly."

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