Jarno Trulli was lucky to walk away from his massive accident at the British Grand Prix, but the Italian insists that he is feeling fine after the high-speed smash.

Trulli's Renault was destroyed after he spun off backwards into the tyre wall on the exit of Bridge, somersaulting twice before coming to rest in the gravel trap.

Trulli, the only driver other than Michael Schumacher to win a race this season, admitted that the cause of the accident was unknown.

"I was in the middle of the corner when the rear of the car spun round on me," he said. "I tried to control it but couldn't. It felt like something failed in the suspension, but we won't be sure until they have investigated the car properly at Enstone.

"When I knew I was going to crash, I just took my hands off the steering wheel and held my helmet before the impact. There wasn't enough time to be scared. You just have to react as quickly as possible, and protect yourself in the cockpit."

Despite the violent nature of his impact with the tyre wall, Trulli knew he was fine as soon as the car came to rest.

"It was the biggest accident of my career," he said, "but I knew straight away that I was OK, and so I gave the thumbs up even before I got out of the car. I had to go to the medical centre as a precaution, but I feel OK and remember everything that happened. The car performed very well in terms of safety."