The leader of the Olympic men's marathon was bundled to the ground by the very same invader who disrupted last season's British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Brazilian runner Vanderlei de Lima was leading comfortably as the race approached the end of its 22nd mile, but was forced off the road by 57-year old Neil Horan, who pushed his way through the Silverstone crowd before dancing a jig within inches of the passing cars.

In Greece, members of the crowd observing the marathon - the final event of the Games - tackled the invader, freeing de Lima from his grasp, before handing the man over to Athens police. Horan was carrying a religious placard and Israeli flag - was immediately arrested and taken into custody at a nearby police station.

de Lima appeared unshaken after the altercation, but could not recover his position at the head of the race. He did manage to hold on for the bronze medal, however.