Capri Films has announced that a director and a screenwriter have been signed to commence work on the new film Villeneuve.

The film, based on Gerald Donaldson's best-selling biography Villeneuve, The Life of The Legendary Driver is now set to begin production in 2006, with Christian Duguay directing the movie and Emmy award winner Malcolm Clarke named as screenwriter. Gabriella Martinelli, whose producing credits include Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet, will prodice the film.

Villeneuve starts fifteen years after the death of Gilles Villeneuve in 1982 at Jerez, where Jacques Villeneuve is preparing to race for his first world title.

During these preparations - time is suspended - leading us back to the story of his father, Gilles, a driver whose skill and daring personified the ideals of Grand Prix racing.

"We all recognise the challenge of making a movie about auto racing," Martinelli said. "But what sets this film apart is that it is a story of great human drama - of a father and a son. Gilles achieved greatness, but it was his son Jacques who fulfilled the Villeneuve legacy."

Jacques Villeneuve, who returns to F1 this season with Sauber, will act as a consultant for the film and will also race in the movie.

"What better way for me to contribute to the legacy of my father than by collaborating with a renowned Canadian film company and the prolific Canadian writer Gerry Donaldson," he said. "All of the elements would appear to be in place for an enjoyable, fact-based film."



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