Christijan Albers says that Michael Schumacher admitted that he made a mistake when the pair collided during the build-up to the Chinese GP.

Schumacher was given an official reprimand by the FIA for his part in causing the accident, which forced both drivers to start from the pitlane in their T-cars. Albers struggled to make any progress with the Minardi, which wasn't properly set-up for him.

"With Michael it was just a bad luck day, a day to forget really quickly," the Dutchman told "I was pushing a little bit on the out lap, doing normal driving, because we need to have the right tyre pressure on the grid. The higher we can get it, the better it is. I think Michael just started to weave, and maybe he didn't see me.

"You shouldn't always try to blame somebody, I think its both our faults a little bit. He said he just made a mistake. Once in a million it happens, and it happened. It was not good for him, and it's a shame for me, because I had a good race car.

"I was quite lucky to step in the T-car, but I didn't have so much fun. I had no power steering or anything, or the latest spec, so it was quite difficult to drive. I had bad luck with the pit stop because when I did it the safety car came out and I had one lap behind everybody. So it was not really nice.

"It's a shame for the last race, but it's good motivation for next season, because it will make me a little bit stronger and push me a little bit more to the limit."