Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso claimed that they spoke for the majority of the grid when they said that no-one would choose to race on the revised Circuit de Catalunya layout.

The Barcelona facility has been remodelled to include a chicane ahead of the final corner, designed to cut cornering speeds through the final two turns and provide additional overtaking opportunities on a circuit with few passing spots. However, right from the moment that the new section came into use during pre-season testing, it has met with mixed reaction, with drivers disliking the change but understanding why it has been made.

Massa and Alonso both commented on the revisions during the post-qualifying press conference, echoing the thoughts of those behind them on the grid.

"I think in terms of if we like or not, in my opinion, I don't like it," polewinner Massa maintained, "It is very tight and very... It is not a really nice corner like the drivers like but, in terms of show, it can be a good idea. We'll have to wait and see if it was a good change or not but, in terms of driving, it is not a good change. We'll see if it is better, at least, for the spectators."

Alonso was equally opposed to the change, although he could reveal the identity of one driver whose views conflicted with the majority.

"If we have to choose between the old circuit and the new circuit, I think none of us would prefer the new circuit," he admitted, "I think Pedro [de la Rosa] likes the new chicane, but he is the only one, in terms of driving.

"But we didn't change the corner because of the preference of the drivers. I think they changed it because the last corner was too dangerous and they needed to slow down the cars, and the best way was to do the chicane. But, obviously, we prefer to drive in Monaco and at Spa, all those circuits that are very dangerous...."

Alexander Wurz was among the most out-spoken critics of the change during qualifying, the Williams driver blaming the revision for costing him a better grid position.

"It was a bit of disaster, worse than a traffic jam on the M25 in London!" he fumed, "People really slowed down on their in-laps and seemed to forget that other people were still around them doing quick laps. At the last chicane, I nearly stopped because five cars were in front of me going so slowly which caused my tyre pressures to drop dramatically. I should have been able to get into Q2 today so, to end up in p18, is extremely frustrating."

The GP2 feature race showed that the chicane could be a catalyst to extra passing, however, with drivers battling for position both in the section itself and at the end of the main straight.