Christijan Albers has grouped himself with Formula One world title favourites Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso when it comes to having to adapt to this year's Bridgestone tyres - even if he has yet to win a race on them.

The Dutchman admits that it has been tough to adapt to the tyres this season, particularly with his more forceful driving style. He is not alone, however, citing both Raikkonen and Alonso, as well as BMW Sauber's Robert Kubica, as fellow 'sufferers'.

"People who drive aggressively, like Kubica or Alonso, and maybe also Kimi, I think they are struggling like me," Albers inssited, "You just have to try to adapt yourself as quickly as possible. I am trying to adapt myself, and I'm also trying to find something in the car with my engineers to get the car better.

"If you don't know what you had, you just learn how it is, but, if you come from last year, it's much harder. Adrian [Sutil] is doing a good job, he's a really quick driver, but also he didn't have to adapt to how it is. He couldn't expect something else like we had last year because, with last year's tyres, it was really an F1 car - you turned in, you could push, it was really good to drive the car. It's good now also, of course, but it's more difficult, and you see that."

Claiming that another rookie, Lewis Hamilton, was also benefiting from his lack of experience, Albers insisted that he was getting ever closer to feeling comfortable with the tyres.

"I'm really happy now," he claimed, "Maybe it sounds strange, but we are improving all the time - the set-up as well as myself - and you see I'm coming closer. I should have been in front of Adrian in qualifying [in Spain], but I had traffic on the last outing. Four cars in the first corner, and the second time it was three cars. But I have to say that I'd rather have bad luck now than through the season, when we have the new car. I'm really looking forward to that."