Giancarlo Fisichella and Nelson Piquet Jr. wowed the 100,000 strong crowd that turned out to watch Renault take their renowned Roadshow to the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa,

Following on from the event held in June in Warsaw, Poland, Renault came to one of the biggest cities in Africa around the streets of the Sandton district, Fisichella and Piquet Jr. taking it in turns to display the 2006 championship winning R26 chassis.

The first time Formula 1 has been seen in South Africa since the last South African Grand Prix at Kylami in 1991, the huge crowds represented the popularity the sport still has in the only continent not hosting a race on the Formula 1 calendar.

As well as the usual parade of Renault's historic line-up, the Megane Trophy was put through its paces on the custom built circuit. Most had come to see the R26 though, Fisichella indulging the crowd with donuts and burn-outs.

"The crowd has been fantastic today, you can tell they have really enjoyed seeing an F1 car in action! This is my first visit to South Africa, and it has been a truly memorable experience."

Piquet Jr. was also proud to put on a display for the South African fans before the Roadshow heads back to Europe in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

"The team's Roadshow programme is a fantastic way to let the public get closer to Formula 1, and this weekend has shown once again how much people appreciate that approach. The welcome here in Johannesburg has been fantastic, and I think the people enjoyed the show. Mission accomplished!"