Fernando Alonso insists he was merely following orders and not deliberately trying to hold up Lewis Hamilton in qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix, but the Brit insists he wants answers to explain the controversy.

Alonso appeared to hold Hamilton up in the pit lane as they came in for their final fuel and tyres ahead of a last gasp attempt at securing pole position. Indeed, while Alonso's lollipop was raised to let him go, the Spaniard remained stationary for a good few seconds.

What is unclear though is if Alonso was merely attempting to prevent Hamilton, queuing behind him, from starting a lap that could have kept the reigning world champion off pole position, or if it was on orders of a team member on the radio.

Alonso insists the latter, with some credence to his claims perhaps being placed on the fact he appeared to be peering over to his physiotherapist, who was duly shown on TV to be embroiled in a discussion with Ron Dennis almost straight after qualifying.

"You can ask the team this question, because I am always monitoring the pitstop by the radio. They do the calculations, they find the gaps and I just drive the car," he said. "I am always ready to go, as soon as they put on the tyres."

Hamilton meanwhile was remaining philosophical about the events and refused to point the finger of blame. Nonetheless, the championship leader claims he wants to know exactly what happened, not least because he deliberately entered the pit lane later than he could have done to avoid being queued up behind his team-mate.

"I was obviously told on the way in that Fernando was doing his stop and that I should back off so I didn't have to queue. That's what I did, so I saved some time coming round the last corner and into the pits. But for some reason he was just held there."

"I really don't understand why I was held back. So I guess you should ask the team and I definitely will do when I go back and have a debrief. It definitely needs a good explanation. I'm not angry. I'm curious as to what's gone on and I find it quite interesting and amusing. But the good thing is that we have the pace and we did a great job."



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