Martin Whitmarsh claims McLaren are yet to decide on whether to appeal one of the strictest punishments placed by any sport following the ruling of the World Motor Sport Council - but believe they have grounds to do so.

The $100 million fine and stripping of McLaren's constructor points is already causing waves of shock throughout the sport, not least the severity of the penalty, which now leaves the previous championship leaders floundering with no points.

As such, McLaren have hinted that they could appeal the ruling, even if they are going to await the findings of the FIA which are yet to have been made public to either the teams or the media.

"We really believe we have got the grounds for an appeal," Whitmarsh told a press conference after the WMSC as ruling, broadcast on BBC News 24. "But of course we're going to wait for the findings of the FIA, which we believe are going to be published tomorrow. We will then consider those findings very carefully before we make that decision."

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso's points in the drivers standings remain unaffected.