Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali has promised an investigation to determine what happened to provoke the drive-thru' penalty for Kimi Raikkonen that effectively scuppered his Monaco Grand Prix ambitions.

The world champion was punished for having his car worked on beyond the three-minute deadline before the start of the race, and the ensuing penalty dropped him from second place - which he had regained following Lewis Hamilton's brush with the barriers - to fourth on the road. Attempting to close the gap on Massa, Hamilton and Robert Kubica, Raikkonen then slithered off the road at Ste Devote, braking his front wing in the process.

Running sixth after repairs, the Finn was given the chance to improve his position by a late safety car, but slammed into the back of Adrian Sutil's Force India at the restart, and could only manage pointless ninth after requiring a second nose change.

The penalty was not disputed by Ferrari, but Domenicali admitted that there would be questions asked as to why it was incurred.

"As you know, with three minutes to go before the start, you have to have the wheels fitted on the car," he explained, "But, at the last second, we had a call from a mechanic to say that there was a problem there.

"The tyres had already been fitted for two minutes, so that's why it's difficult to understand what happened. Basically, we were late working on the car, which is why we had a penalty and that put Kimi at a disadvantage."

There will also be repercussions after Massa was cost a potential victory by strategic decisions taken during the second half of the race. After a wet start, the Scuderia switched the Brazilian to a one-stop strategy, based on a weather forecast which proved wrong. Domenicali insists that Ferrari's information suggested that there was a high probability of more precipitation, and agreed that Massa might have won but for the mis-call.

"There was a high probability, otherwise we wouldn't have done what we did," he insisted, "That was the reason why we took the gamble regarding strategy because more rain was predicted on the radar, and that was the reason why we changed Felipe to another set of wet tyres because we wanted to be ready for another shower. But, unfortunately, that didn't happen.

"A lot of circumstances were compromised in the strategy, so we need to consider the points that were related to our decisions or our situation, and decide on the things that are relevant to what have happened today."