Toyota F1 has revealed that a bruising British Grand Prix, in which he twice left the road, ultimately led to Timo Glock suffering a major accident two weeks later at his home race in Germany.

The rookie was running in the points at Hockenheim, following a strategically long first stint, when he put his left rear wheel high onto the kerb at the final corner. While that in itself was not unusual - most of the field was using the painted surface to gain a little extra room - on this occasion the Toyota snapped round before making heavy rearward contact with the pitwall and careering some way down the main straight before coming to rest.

Glock was clearly shaken by the impact and had to be helped from the cockpit by the medical team, who then transported him to hospital for checks which, thankfully showed nothing more than a little soreness.

The TF108, meanwhile, was taken the short journey back to Toyota's Cologne base for a thorough investigation, but it has taken until now for the team to reveal what it believes was the cause.

"[The investigation] initially established that a rear toelink (trackrod) gave way, causing Timo to lose control of the car, but confirmed that there were no exceptional circumstances before or during the incident in the German Grand Prix," an official statement from the team said.

"Further investigation has established that damage sustained in the British Grand Prix two weeks earlier was the cause. During that race, Timo suffered several incidents.

"As is normal practice, some parts from the British Grand Prix were carried over to Hockenheim, including most of the rear right suspension. Although the parts were subjected to the normal test and screening process following the Silverstone race and passed fit for use at Hockenheim, it has become apparent that it did not identify an issue which subsequently led to the incident at Hockenheim.

"As a result of this investigation, Toyota Motorsport has revised its inspection processes to include such cases and is extremely confident there will be no repeat."

Despite initial fears that he may miss this weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix, Glock was passed sufficiently fit to partake in last week's Jerez group test, and will be back on track alongside Jarno Trulli in Budapest from Friday.