Former F1 and TV star Martin Brundle has been lured into making his racing comeback by Goodwood for this weekend's cult Revival event.

The prestigious retro motor racing spectacular will be awash with legendary cars, bikes, planes and heroes set in an authentic time warp background at the glorious Goodwood track in West Sussex.

Brundle will not only be reunited with Jaguar with whom he enjoyed his most successful racing at Le Mans and in the World Sports Car Championship, but he will also team up with Grand Prix design legend Adrian Newey in a fearsome light weight E Type Jaguar from the sixties.

The Brundle / Newey combination will take on the mighty Ferraris, Aston Martins and Cobras driven by champions past and present in the famous Tourist Trophy race which includes a dramatic pit stop to change drivers.

The former team-mate to Michael Schumacher at Benetton F1 is putting his reputation on the line.

"To a degree" said Brundle, "although I'm not a professional driver anymore. I know I will have to take a 90 per cent approach in the Tourist Trophy as it's a race that's hotly contested, I was surprised to see just how aggressive the drivers are but I will leave a margin for error.

"We race hard but fair as this event is a magical step back in time, it's a chance to drive a beautiful car from a great racing era which lured me into saying yes.

"In a previous Goodwood Revival I remember powering into St Mary's and looking across to see Sir Stirling Moss, head back in his famous white helmet, piloting an iconic D Type Jaguar at 160 mph next to me. It was surreal, as if I was in a movie, an unforgettable moment of pure nostalgia."