Robert Kubica has predicted that the start of the 2009 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne could be carnage in the light of the new wings being considered for introduction into the top flight next year.

The new-look 'interim' 2008/09 Formula 1 cars took to the track in testing around Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya last week, and their appearance has prompted much reaction, not a great deal of it positive [see separate story - click here].

The ultra-wide front wings and high and narrow rear ones are far from the most aesthetically pleasing, but are part of the FIA's drive to drastically change the aerodynamic make-up of the cars in a bid to improve the action. Kubica fears that more overtaking is not the only thing spectators may see when all 20 drivers hit the track in anger Down Under.

"It is too wide," the BMW-Sauber star told Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, explaining that it will not take much for the wings to break should they come into contact with the wheel of another car during the fraught start of the grand prix.

"I am curious to see how many (wings) will be flying at the first race in Australia."

The Pole did, however, have one positive thing to say about the new design, quipping: "It looks better from inside the cockpit!"