McLaren racing director Eric Boullier says the team can’t expect to be instantly comparable to Red Bull in 2018 when it begins its new engine partnership with Renault.

After McLaren confirmed its divorce from Honda to secure its new deal with Renault for 2018, it sees the Woking-based team receive the same power unit specification as Red Bull as well as the French manufacturer.

With Max Verstappen winning in dry conditions for Red Bull in Malaysia, Fernando Alonso says that victory adds pressure on to McLaren to deliver a race-winning package next season with Renault engines.

While McLaren chief Boullier says the team is “designed for winning” he feels the new partnership needs to be given time to develop compared to Red Bull as its rival squad has a 10-year relationship with the French manufacturer as engine supplier.

“If you have a 10-year relationship with a partner obviously you have a different connection which we don’t have yet as we are building the relationship,” Boullier said. “It is going to take some time but we are very motivated to do the best.

“If you are McLaren you are designed for winning so we will do everything we can to be winning. If you have the full package which means an okay engine, the best car and the best crew and driver you should be winning. So for us the pressure is the same.

“I like it because I am fan of no bullshit so if you have a team next door with the same engine it means if you don’t beat them something is wrong with the rest of the car. That is perfect.”


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